Sunday, 3 April 2016

Steve Thompson: Leeds' loss is Preston's gain

Match-winner Jordan Hugill explained what Steve Thompson has brought to Preston North End since arriving at the club in the summer.

I've always been intrigued, because his arrival at Leeds last season also led to an upturn, before he was suspended and then released.

There still hasn't been an official reason as to why this happened and Thompson is none the wiser.

"We’ve not really changed the squad since we got promoted from League One," Hugill told me.

"The spirit is still the same, everyone loves to come training. We’ve moved up the table as we’ve gone along.

"He’s been really good around the training ground. Sometimes after reserve games I’ll go to him and say what can I do better and he’ll always be honest with me.

"He gets players going. It’s something you need to have at the club and he’s brilliant.

"It’s good to have someone you can do and say what can I improve on? You’re always learning the game, no matter how old you get.

"It’s good to have someone to say ‘do this, don’t look out of place and he’s done that with me.’"

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